Identity Theft at the Poles

Identity theft is a serious issue. In recent years, there has been an even greater emphasis placed on protecting your identity, in no small part because technological advancements have made it easier for identity thieves to find targets. During election years, identity protection is especially important.

There is sometimes confusion about identity theft at the poles. Many experts focus only on voter fraud with false identities. While a stolen identity can technically be used to commit voter fraud, this is rarely the motivation for identity thieves. Identity thieves primarily want your information to use in financial scams. Voting season is considered prime time for identity thieves because both the act of voting and registering to vote involve giving away important personal information. As a result, many areas experience an increase in identity theft whenever there is a large election, and the 2020 presidential election is no exception.

Voter Registration Scams

Always have identity theft protection on your mind when you are registering to vote. This is especially important in 2020 elections since, due to the Coronavirus, many voters are attempting to register to vote by mail instead of showing up to the poles in person. A common scam involves the thief contacting the voter to either confirm or update their voter registration or offer some form of absentee voter registration. This allows the thief to easily get your personal information, including your full name and social security number.

The government has built-in voter identity protection in the registration process. When you register to vote, you must complete the registration with your signature. By making you sign the papers, it ensures you are the only person entering information onto the voter registration form. If someone is claiming to be an official register who can save you time or help you out by filling the registration form on your behalf, it is a scam.

You are also not required to ever pay any sort of fee or provide other financial information when you are registering to vote. If someone insists you need to provide a bank account to confirm your identity to vote, treat them as an identity thief.

Investing in Extra Identity Theft Protection

If you are worried about becoming a target of identity theft while you're voting, consider investing in identity theft protection. There are many services to keep your identity safe, but LifeLock is considered one of the best identity theft protection options currently on the market. LifeLock is one of the older companies providing identity protection, but it has seen a significant increase in quality after being purchased by Symantec in 2017.

Part of why LifeLock is considered one of the best identity theft protection options is the affordable price. There are several plans available depending on your financial needs, letting you customize your plans so you only end up paying for services you actually need. You can also invest in monthly plans if you only want the extra identity theft protection during the election season.

LifeLock focuses on not only monitoring your identity, but taking action if you are the target of an identity thief. In addition to monitoring your credit and issuing alerts if there is suspicious activity, LifeLock has a list of services available to help you recover if you are the victim of identity theft, including stolen funds and personal expense compensation options, as well as legal and expert assistance costs.

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